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Stunning hillside homes for sale, Panama Price:    713,832


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For the sloping hillside locations, The structural loads will be carried by columns, not walls.

This will free the internal walls to be flexible elements, located according to the tastes and needs of each owner. The structural support system will be concrete piloti at the ground plane, supporting exposed wood columns and beams, wood floors and ceilings.

The design will evoke the image of a sophisticated holiday cabin in the woods, with the main building materials as wood and protected operable glass shaded by louvered overhangs. Dramatic double height spaces and balconies complement the dramatic setting.

The homes at Altos Escondidos seem to float above the rainforest canopy, high atop concrete and stone pillars, providing eagle-eye views without sacrificing precious rainforest or damaging the mountain slope.

Glass walls and doors, high ceilings, windows that open to the mountain breeze, and wide terraces and balconies bring all seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living.

Home designs integrate the simple luxuries of nature with the latest green building technologies and practices. Altos Escondidos is the first luxury community in Panama designed to meet or exceed the LEED standards established by the U.S. Green Building Council. Luxury also means the latest technology for your personal use.highest quality finishings and design elements.wood, water and stone that blend with the natural surroundings.and home designs personalized to fit your individual needs and taste.

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