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Search Luxury Caribbean Property for Sale

As Caribbean property specialists, we're here to guide you through your search. We can introduce you to a wide selection of luxury residential and commercial property and land for sale throughout the Caribbean.

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Luxury Caribbean Property

The Luxury Caribbean Property Market

The Caribbean is renowned for luxury property. The region has been a sanctuary for business leaders, music legends, and royalty for decades. As such, property for sale includes grand estates, spacious beachfront villas and residences serviced by 5* hotels.

Some islands are particularly well known for luxury property. Barbados and the Cayman Islands are synonymous with fine living. Their coastlines are the setting for some of the world's most luxurious beachfront homes.

St Barths has also established a reputation for luxury Caribbean property. Palatial multi-bedroom compounds with spectacular pools lay claim to prime beachfront real estate. The average transaction ranges from €5 to €10 million, but regularly surpass €30 million.

Although less known for luxury property, Dominica is home to minimalistic luxury villas, built to reduce their impact on the environment and blend with their natural surroundings. These luxury villas in Dominica are truly unique.

Why Invest in Luxury Caribbean Property?

Why invest in luxury property in the Caribbean? For anyone considering making purchasing there will be different reasons. The reasons that we hear the most are as follows:

The Caribbean is stable, both politically and economically. The economy is supported by a strong tourism sector which in turn supports the luxury property market. Prices for luxury property tend to maintain their value as demand outstrips supply.

Many locations offer highly attractive tax benefits to property investors and residents. Turks and Caicos, for example, has no income, capital gains, property or inheritance taxes. The Bahamas is also an offshore tax haven with no income tax, VAT or capital gains tax.

Some locations also offer citizenship by investment and second passports. St Kitts and Nevis, for example, offers Economic Citizenship for a minimum investment of US $350,000 in a government approved property development. Dominica also offers citizenship in exchange for an economic contribution to the country of US $100,000

How to Buy Luxury Caribbean Property?

Property law, the buying process and property taxes all differ significantly from location to location. For example, in St Martin and St Barths French law applies, whereas in Barbados, Turks and Caicos and Anguilla, the buying process is based on English law.

We are here to guide you through the buying process wherever you are consdering buying property in the Caribbean. With a network of agents in every Caribbean location, we can shed light on the information you need to make decisions relating to your luxury property purchase with confidence. We can also introduce you to a range of partner organisations specialising in everything from private jets to wealth management advice.

If you are considering purchasing a villa, apartment or land in the Caribbean, 7th Heaven Properties would be delighted to hear from you, so please contact us.

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The magazine features Barbados's most luxurious properties for sale, as well as luxury villas for sale in Anguilla, St Lucia, the Bahamas and beyond. We also feature luxury hotels and spas and interviews with developers and investors. The opulence of the magnificent property development One Sandy Lane, which graces the cover, sets the tone.

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Our partner can help you get the best exchange rates available to save money when buying luxury property or making overseas payments.

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Considering buying property in the Caribbean and need assistance with tax advice, tax planning and asset management, our partner The Sovereign Group can assist.

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