A Guide to Buying Property in Guanaja, Bay Islands

Welcome to our guide to buying property in Guanaja in the Bay Islands.

Here you can find out all about the real estate market, including the best places to buy and property prices.

To find out about the buying process, read our guide to buying property in Roatan, Guanaja’s sister island.


Overview – Guanaja Real Estate

Together with Roatan and Utila, Guanaja is one of the Bay Islands which lie off the coast of Honduras in the western Caribbean Sea.

Guanaja lies just to the east of Roatan.

90% of Guanaja is a national forest reserve and marine park, so tourism (and real estate) is less developed than on sister island Roatan.

Most of the population of 10,000 live on a small cay called Bonacca, or Guanaja Town or simply The Cay, which is located half a mile off the coast of the main island of Guanaja.

Residents live on houses on stilts and travel either on foot or water.

There are 2 other main settlements on the sparsely populated main island of Guanaja: Savannah Bight (on the eastern coast) and Mangrove Bight (on the northern coast).

There are a handful of boutique resorts which cater primarily to diving and snorkeling enthusiasts who come to explore the coral-filled waters and nearby reef which is part of the Mesoamerican Reef, the second longest barrier reef in the world.

The government is looking to develop tourism on the almost untouched island and has invested in building a small airport.

So, if you are looking for a quiet pace of life, to truly get away from it all, and be part of the development of tourism and real estate in Guanaja, investing in Guanaja real estate could be just what you are looking for.


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Getting to Guanaja

To get to Guanaja, you can fly either to Roatan or to La Ceiba or San Pedro Sula in mainland Honduras.

From Roatan you can either fly to Guanaja International Airport (Aeropuerto de Guanaja) or you can take a helicopter or ferry from Roatan to Guanaja.

From mainland Honduras you can fly to Guanaja Airport.