A Guide to Buying Property in Barbuda

Welcome to our guide to buying property in Barbuda.

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Overview – Barbuda Real Estate

Located just north of Antigua, the island of Barbuda (not to be confused with Bermuda) has a population of just 1,600.

The 62 square mile (160 square km) island is sparsely populated, tranquil and secluded.

The smaller sister island is famed for its quiet, pristine beaches which count among some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and for the island’s spectacular beauty and old world charm which were considered a treasure to be enjoyed by the lucky few who traveled to Barbuda.

Considered off the beaten track, the government of Antigua & Barbuda has plans to develop tourism on the island which is still relatively unknown, even among Antigua property buyers.

Planned projects, such as one $250 million resort development associated with Hollywood star Robert De Niro, are on hold as the island was severely impacted by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

As a consequence, the government’s focus is on reconstruction.

Any future real estate projects which may get underway would offer property buyers the chance to own a home in Barbuda and could serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of Barbuda and the birth of a market for Barbuda real estate.

The planned projects are expected to be approved for Antigua’s citizenship program.


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How to Get to Barbuda

Barbuda is located north of Antigua.

To get to Barbuda, fly to Antigua.

There are direct flights to Antigua from the USA, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean.

From Antigua you can take a helicopter to Barbuda.

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