Our guide to selling a luxury property in the Caribbean featuring our top tips to sell your home.

Think carefully about the asking price to help make the property as attractive as possible and help it sell at the best possible price.

Think carefully about what is included and what is not included in the sale.

Removing as much clutter as possible and ensuring the property is clean and tidy can help rooms appear more spacious and provide a more welcoming feeling.

If the property is looking tired, consider making any minor repairs that may be overdue or adding a fresh lick of paint – neutral tones can provide broader appeal.

Ensure the property looks as good as possible with high quality photography taken on a sunny, clear day. Try to avoid taking photos on rainy or very cloudy days.

Ensure you have relevant key property details, comprehensive property descriptions and any recent historical rental figures at your fingertips.

Create a warm, welcoming feeling for site visits.