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3 Acres of Waterfront Land for Sale, Lower Banks, St Peters, Montserrat


Property ID: 102553

3 acres of waterfront land for sale in Montserrat located in Lower Banks, minutes from the capital Brades, the airport and the hospital.

Waterfront Land for Sale in Montserrat

Searching for strategically located land for sale in Montserrat ideal for development?

This parcel is conveniently situated in the community of Lower Banks, St Peters, Montserrat only 10 minutes from the airport and hospital.

The parcel spans 3 acres (130,680 square feet) and contains open areas with grass and shrubs.

Situated on a headland approximately 197 feet (60 meters) above sea level, the parcel is surrounded by mostly virgin land and enjoys views of the surrounding community and the Caribbean Sea.

It is bounded by residential Lands and the Public Works Department Mechanical Workshop to the North, by Black Ghaut to the East, by Residential Lands to the South and by the coast and Soldier Ghaut to the West.

The parcel of land is long and narrow and forms a saddle ridge as it extends from the boundary with Soldier Ghaut on the south western boundary to Black Ghaut on the northeastern boundary.

The land has varying slopes with the middle section relatively flat and the northeastern and southwestern boundaries steeply sloped.

Minutes from the Airport & Hospital

Situated in the community of Lower Banks, this parcel is accessed via an unsurfaced road.

It is conveniently located within easy reach of the capital Brades and approximately 10 minutes from Montserrat airport and hospital.

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