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3 Bedroom Waterfront Villa for Sale, Great Camanoe, BVI

3 Bedroom Waterfront Villa for Sale, Great Camanoe, BVI

  • $1,650,000
Property ID: 128741

3 bedroom Mediterranean-style waterfront villa for sale in the BVI set on 2 acres on Great Camanoe island.

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3 bedroom Mediterranean-style waterfront villa for sale in the BVI set on 2 acres on Great Camanoe island.

Waterfront Villa for Sale in the BVI

Searching for waterfront homes for sale in the BVI?

This gorgeous Mediterranean-style waterfront villa is set on approximately 2 acres of lush waterfront land on Great Camanoe island in the BVI.

A Comfortable yet Dramatic Retreat

As the moon rises over the shores of Scrub and the islands near Virgin Gorda, the shimmering beams of light cascade on this Mediterranean styled villa, built on 2 acres of southeastern shoreline within the private island estate called Indigo Plantation. Charming “indoor-outdoor” living inspires its architecture mimicking hillside homes in the Greek Isles. Scenic views combined with rustic furnishings and a stunning panorama of verdant islands on the horizon. The views include Marina Cay, Beef Island, Round Rock, Fallen Jerusalem and The Baths of Virgin Gorda. This charming boater’s retreat evokes the best of both the Mediterranean and the British West Indies in a comfortable yet dramatic island retreat. The location of the property adds to its allure. Great Camanoe is an outer island with two private estate communities and several acres of undeveloped family estate land accessed only by 18-23′ boats. Traveling to the island is remarkably convenient, only minutes away from the International airport on nearby Beef Island and also centrally located in the BVI archipelago of over 60 Islands and Cays.

Within 20 minutes of arrival by plane you could be on the front step of this charming villa. Most estate homes on Great Camanoe have their own ATV and include a small dingy or day boat for getting around and this home is no exception. Inside, the villa offers both rustic charm and sophisticated Mediterranean appeal. Arched windows frame the view and custom made hardwood furniture has been creatively placed throughout.

The renowned architect James O’Halloran sculpted curved stairways and large arches throughout his design concept which includes a signature telephone pole used as a central beam. Strategically placed windows help to frame the views from various sides of every room.

Only a few steps connect the multilevel living spaces through the meandering aromatic and fruit laden gardens. Massive natural wood beams support the ceiling over a multi-level living and dining area, complete with both gas and wood-burning oven in the open plan kitchen/dining room. Hand-made Mexican clay tiles, ceiling fans, natural stone and white-washed concrete walls combine to complete the ambiance.

Pool & Sun Room

In addition to the living spaces, the villa has a deep oval swimming pool with a nearby enclosed sun room, large wooden deck and a natural stone walkway leading to the sea pools below.

Additional Features

Above in the parking lot is a two-bay garage, generator room, laundry facility and gardeners shed which is designed to store an all terrain vehicle and the owners choice of boat on a trailer during times when the owner is away.

Plenty of Space for Improvements

With two acres of land, there is plenty of opportunity to add additional fruit trees, landscaped gardens, and other improvements.

Convenient Secluded Island Hideaway

In total this gently sloping property consists of a waterfront platform made of natural stone and boulders with easy access into the sea, a modest 6 foot deep oval pool, a two room garage, 3 independent sleeping pods, each with private bath with the main house pod also offering a great room kitchen and dining connected to a sunken living room focused out over the water and channel between the various Sir Frances Drake islands.

This respite faces east toward the gentle Tradewinds that continually drift through the expansive windows throughout the night and day.In closing, if travel convenience, privacy and location are on the list of your needs, this villa is worth a look. 15 minutes from an international airport, convenient yet secluded. Nowhere else in the Caribbean can boast this easy access to complete privacy.

Great Camanoe

Great Camanoe is less than 5 minutes by boat from Marina Cay, Scrub, Beef Island and neighboring Tortola.

Within 25 to 45 minutes you can reach several well known beach bars and restaurants such as those found on Anegada, Saba, North Sound, Cooper Island, Foxy’s, Pirates and the Willie-T floating bar and restaurant at Norman Island.

View of a beach in the BVI from the water

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