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90 Acre Resort for Sale, San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize

90 Acre Resort for Sale, San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize

  • $2,400,000
Property ID: 102984

Unique resort-style property for sale in Belize set on 90 acres of impressive riverside land close to bustling San Ignacio in Cayo District.

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Unique resort-style property for sale in Belize set on 90 acres of impressive riverside land close to bustling San Ignacio in Cayo District.

Resort for Sale in Cayo, Belize

Searching for resorts for sale in Belize?

Set on 90 acres in San Ignacio in Cayo District, Belize, this one of a kind former resort could be reopened as a resort or would make a magnificent private sanctuary for anyone looking to live in idyllic self sufficiency.

Once awarded the title of “The Most Beautiful Resort in the World,” the property had been closed for some time before the current owners purchased it. They have been steadily carrying out major renovations and updates, some of which are currently still ongoing. However, the resort could be partially opened now with minimal effort while the remaining renovations are being completed.


This property consists of 12 riverside cabanas in a beautifully landscaped area of the grounds, just back from the river.

There is also a spacious hacienda-style owner’s home (approximately 2,500 square feet) and an apartment suitable for a manager’s accommodation.

The owner’s house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and it is completely refurbished, furnished to US standards, has air conditioning and is in move-in condition.

This stunning home also features a large deck overlooking the river and also a fenced back yard in case the owners have pets.

The manager’s apartment is also ready for use.

Some of the cabanas have already been refurbished and are nearly ready for use (need only a mirror, bathroom faucet and AC unit) while upgrades are still on-going in some of the other cabanas.

Dining Facilities

The property features a restaurants and bar with a commercial kitchen.

Restaurant & Bar

There is a large restaurant and bar area with both indoor and outdoor seating under a covered patio; the restaurant and bar renovations have been completed and it is ready for use.

The seating area was doubled by adding covered seating areas on the deck surrounding the restaurant for outdoor dining and the bathrooms are new and very deluxe.

Commercial Kitchen

The commercial kitchen in the restaurant is fully renovated and ready for use.

It has 2 new stoves and only needs a refrigerator.


This 90 acre property offers a collection of amenities making it ideal for use as a resort.


The resort includes a beautiful pool surrounded by lush greenery and the sounds of parrots nesting in the nearby trees.

The pool has been completely renovated and the pool equipment was recently replaced with brand-new equipment.

Wedding Chapel

An adorably quaint private wedding chapel complete with pews overlooks the river, provides an idyllic setting for local or destination weddings.

Bird Watching Tower

There is a bird watching tower which could provide an additional attraction for guests.

In the past, many bird enthusiasts visited this resort due to the diverse number of bird species that live on and near the property.

Other Facilities & Utilities

Laundry House

There is a separate facility which can be used as a laundry house.

There is an attic for storage and a break area with bathroom for staff – the staff bathroom has not yet been upgraded.


All furniture is handmade by local craftsmen and included in the sale.

Electricity, Water & Internet

The property has main grid electricity, city water and its own dedicated fiber optic cable for excellent internet and phone service.

Thatch Roofs

The thatch roofs on all cabanas and palapas were replaced a few years ago. They have been properly maintained since then and any repairs needed were carried out by the tradesmen that installed them.

Thatch Grove

There is a thatch grove that will produce enough thatch for any repairs or replacements in the future. This thatch grove has been maintained so it would grow and flourish. This will significantly reduce the costs of any future thatch repairs or replacements.

Fruit Orchard

The resort boasts a fruit orchard with many tropical fruit trees planted a few years ago and a greenhouse allows new plants to be started and then later transplanted on the property.


There is a working greenhouse on the property where plants are started and later transplanted throughout the property.


The landscaping is worked on daily to keep the property lush and beautiful.


There is a fenced area for livestock, although it is not currently in use.

Vehicles & Vessels Included in the Sale


A large ferry for transporting guests (the two motors are almost new).

Motorized Boat

A motorized boat with almost a new outboard motor is the fastest way to cross the river; the boat needs some repairs, but is functional for fast access.


A canoe provides a scenic and gas-free way to cross the river as well.

Pickup Truck

A Ford F-150 pickup truck is also included in the sale; it is not new but runs well; the interior is clean and the exterior has no dents.

Fenced Parking Lot

A secure fenced parking lot on the town side for company and guest vehicles. There is a small structure in the parking lot for an attendant.


There is currently a staff of eight people who, according to the owners, are extremely trustworthy. On request, the owners can provide an assessment on each staff member.

With the good internet service and reliable staff, it is possible for the new owners to operate the property/resort from outside of Belize, if desired.

The employees wish to stay on to care for the property and as they are very long term, reliable people, this is a HUGE win for you as the new owner.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are about US$500 per year.


Most of the 90-acre property is still in its natural jungle condition, but it is still possible to hike to the nearby famous Xunantunich Mayan ruins making the resort an attractive and convenient place to stay while exploring the ruins and other nearby tourist attractions.

There are no other “in-use” properties on the same side of the river in this area. The charming border town of Benque Viejo Del Carmen is directly across the river and easily accessible by boat. The closeness of the Guatemalan border crossing makes all of the many Guatemalan tourist attractions like Flores and the fabulous Tikal Maya ruins easily accessible.

This property/resort provides a unique opportunity for the right person(s) to become a major player in the Belize tourism industry, or to have a stunning private retreat. Don’t miss out, contact us today for more information!

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