A Guide to Buying Property in Pine Cay, Turks & Caicos

Welcome to our guide to buying property in Pine Cay in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Here you can find out all about the real estate market, including the best places to buy and property prices.

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Overview – Pine Cay Real Estate

The 800-acre island of Pine Cay is the oldest resort community in the Turks & Caicos Islands. It is located north of Providenciales and west of Dellis Cay, Parrot Cay and North Caicos.

Small, private and exclusive the island is home to a small beachfront hotel called the Meridian Club which just 12 guestrooms and a restaurant, a marina, 2,800 ft air strip, the Sand Dollar Spa, staff housing and 600 acres of open space.

Pine Cay also has a small community of 36 homes defined by the luxuriousness of simplicity. From time to time, the rare opportunity to purchase a beachfront lot of land also becomes available. These lots make the perfect home site to build your dream home on Pine Cay surrounded by the island’s serene, tranquil landscape.

With 2 miles of breathtaking white sand beaches and stunning turquoise sea, the island is a quiet, private hideaway away from the world for the families who choose to invest in Pine Cay real estate.

Families who own property on Pine Cay treasure their time on the island, enjoying diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, water skiing and fishing.



The North Shore

Homes offering panoramic ocean views. Located just steps from one of the best beaches in the world but safely set back.

The Channel

Homes offering stunning views of the mangroves with docks for kayaks, bonefishing boats or sailboats.

The South Bank

Waterfront sites ideal for those who enjoy bonefishing, kayaking or just enjoying the sunset.

The Interior

Private, secluded home sites just minutes from the beach featuring freshwater ponds and a diverse mix of plant life and birds.


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Buying Property in Pine Cay

Pine Cay is a private island unlike any other resort community in the Turks & Caicos. While individuals own each of their respective properties on Pine Cay, the common assets including the hotel, marina, airstrip, fleet of boats and golf carts for travelling around the island are jointly owned by the owners of homes on the island.

All homeowners are members of the Pine Cay Homeowners Association which manages the affairs of the island.

The members are an exclusive group of families who share a common vision for the island which has a strong emphasis on protecting its pristine environment and preserving it as a simple, natural, private retreat for the fortunate few.

As a consequence, total membership is limited to ensure the island remains uncrowded.

Buyers looking to purchase a home on Pine Cay are required to apply for membership of the Pine Cay Homeowners Association.

This entails spending time on the island, completing an application form and meeting with over half of the existing membership.

The entire process takes 6-8 months.

The fortunate few will become members of one of the most exclusive private island communities in the world.


Getting to Pine Cay

To get to Pine Cay, you can travel by boat from Blue Haven Marina on Providenciales to Pine Cay Marina.

Alternatively there is a 2,800 ft air strip for private jets.