A Guide to Buying Property in Carazo, Nicaragua

Welcome to our guide to buying property in Carazo, Nicaragua.

Here you can find out all about the real estate market, including the best places to buy and property prices.

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Overview – Carazo Real Estate

The department of Carazo lies on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua bordered by the department of Managua to the north and Rivas to the south.

The coastline is fringed by beautiful beaches such as La Boquita, Casares and Huehuete.

The small beach town of La Boquita has some small restaurants and bars and is great for sunbathing and surfing – although you should bring your own surfboard.

Just to the south in the small town of Casares you can watch the fishermen bring in their catch.

Slightly further south is quiet Huehuete where you can relax on the beach watching the waves crash against the rocks. Huehuete is the setting for vacation homes which line the beach.

This small department is also known for its coffee plantations, mountainous peaks, cascading waterfalls and the Río Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Reserve near Santa Teresa – a vast nature conservation area renowned as a nesting ground for turtles.


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How to Get to Carazo

To get to Carazo, take a flight to Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA) in Managua.

Alternatively take a flight to Costa Esmeralda Airport (ECI) which is located on the Emerald Coast.

There are direct flights to Managua and Costa Esmeralda from the USA, Canada and Costa Rica.