The Insider's Guide to Buying Property in Trelawny

Welcome to the 7th Heaven Properties guide to buying property in Trelawny, Jamaica, your essential companion for discovering this peaceful paradise tucked away on Jamaica’s northwestern coast.

Known for its quiet beaches, winding rivers, and lush rainforest, Trelawny is a haven of tranquility for property buyers looking for a home surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty.

Discover the charms of this quiet corner of the island, find out why property buyers are investing in real estate in Trelawny, and delve into the real estate market with a showcase of property listings and blog posts highlighting its unique charm and advantages.

For more information on the buying process, be sure to take a look at our comprehensive guide to buying property in Jamaica.

Buying property in the Caribbean Buying property in the Caribbean

Trelawny: Peaceful Paradise

Nestled along Jamaica’s northern coast bordering St Ann to the east, St James to the west, and St Elizabeth and Manchester to the south, the Parish of Trelawny is a hidden gem overflowing with unspoiled natural wonders. Lush rainforests, winding rivers, and quiet beaches await those seeking a peaceful Caribbean retreat. Far from the glitz and glamour of Montego Bay and Negril, Trelawny offers an authentic taste of laidback island life.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Outdoor enthusiasts will feel right at home in Trelawny. Glide down the Martha Brae River on a bamboo raft, marveling at the rainforest scenery along the banks. Stroll along amazingly beautiful white sand beaches such as Red Stripe Beach and Burwood Beach and snorkel and swim in the crystal clear waters. Hike through rolling hills blanketed in greenery, breathing in the fresh air.

Experience True Jamaican Culture

In Trelawny’s small towns and villages, discover true Jamaican country living at its finest. Here you can move to a slower pace, meet Trelawny’s friendly people and sample local cuisine. Don’t miss the port town of Falmouth, the capital of the parish.

Find Your Island Retreat

With its unspoiled charm, unhurried pace of life and pristine natural beauty, Trelawny is the perfect place to find a quiet hideaway in one of the most serene parts of Jamaica. Buy or build your dream home along the coast to enjoy laidback days immersed in nature, or find a spot in the hills to enjoy the incredible views.

Make Trelawny Your Caribbean Sanctuary

For those seeking to experience Jamaica at its most authentic and untouched, Trelawny is a tranquil tropical paradise. Discover this undiscovered gem, where the beauty of the island still reigns supreme. Find your own corner of tranquility amidst Trelawny’s natural splendor.

“With its unspoiled charm, unhurried pace of life and pristine natural beauty, Trelawny is the perfect place to find a quiet hideaway in one of the most serene parts of Jamaica”

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