A Guide to Buying Property in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Welcome to our guide to buying property in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Here you can find out all about the real estate market, including the best places to buy and property prices.

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Overview – Santo Domingo Real Estate

The most populous city in the entire Caribbean, Santo Domingo is the Dominican Republic’s social, political and economic capital and the beating heart of the country.

The city is extremely diverse – in parts chaotic and frenetic, in parts filled with historic charm and in parts modern, cosmopolitan and vibrant.

For investors with an eye on Santo Domingo real estate, there are several areas to keep an eye on.

The Zona Colonial is emerging as a major tourist attraction. The entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage Zone and significant resources have been invested in maintaining and protecting the beautiful historical buildings that have made the area famous. Santo Domingo’s colonial zone is also filled with buzzing restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes and there are apartments and condos for sale in this part of the city.

In recent years there has also been a lot of investment into Central Santo Domingo (Naco, Piantini, Paraíso and Yolanda Morales). Mixed use developments with residential and commercial sections are springing up with luxury apartments for sale, as well as large shopping malls such as the Blue Mall and Agora Mall and a wide range of restaurants and shops.


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Getting to Santo Domingo

To get to Santo Domingo, fly to Las Americas International Airport.

From the airport it is a short drive to the center of Santo Domingo.