• Average asking price $2,937,036
  • % + or - average Caribbean property price +34%
  • Property price range $80,000 - $40,000,000
  • Average price per sq ft $684
  • Annual tourist arrivals 1,421,860
  • % change in annual tourist arrivals +4.2%

Overview – The Bahamas Real Estate Market

Comprised of hundreds of islands, rocks and reefs sprinkled like jewels in the turquoise sea from South Florida almost down to the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Dominican Republic, The Bahamas is a breathtakingly beautiful destination.

Countless pink and white sand beaches and crystal clear sea entice over 1.3 million tourists to visit each year. Besides the beaches and sea, the tax benefits, high standard of living and proximity to the USA have made Bahamas real estate a popular choice for second home buyers too. As the third richest country in the Americas in terms of GDP per capita (after the USA and Canada) with a tradition of parliamentary democracy stretching back nearly 300 years The Bahamas is considered by many to be an attractive and stable property investment location.

Property for sale in The Bahamas includes some of the finest real estate in the Caribbean, including spectacular waterfront homes, private islands for sale and luxurious condos in beachfront resorts.


Search Bahamas Real Estate Listings

As specialists in luxury Caribbean property, we can introduce you to a wide selection of the finest residential property in The Bahamas including homes for sale and condos for sale, land for sale to build your dream home, as well as commercial real estate such as hotels for sale in The Bahamas.

Discover the most sought after real estate investment opportunities and benefit from unrivaled insight into the market.

To find your perfect property in The Bahamas, search Bahamas real estate listings.




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Buying Property in The Bahamas

There are no restrictions on foreign buyers purchasing real estate in The Bahamas. Unlike other locations in the Caribbean, a license or permit is not required, except for purchases of over 5 acres of land.

Once you have made an offer on a property and that offer has been accepted, we would recommend that you seek advice from an attorney. A sales contract will be drawn up and, once agreed and signed, you will need to pay a 10% deposit.

To purchase real estate in The Bahamas, buyers are required to pay a Government Stamp Tax (transfer tax) which varies as follows according to the value of the property:

  • Up to $20,000: 4%
  • $20,001 to $50,000: 6%
  • $50,001 to $100,000: 8%
  • $100,001 upwards: 10%

Payment of the Stamp Tax is normally split equally between buyer and seller.

An Annual Real Property Tax is also payable on owner-occupied residential properties, calculated according to the most recent selling price:

  • Up to $250,000: 0%
  • $250,000 to $500,000: 0.75%
  • $500,000 upwards: 1%
  • Maximum Annual Real Property Tax p.a.: $50,000

Through an investment of at least $500,000 in real estate in The Bahamas foreign buyers can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit, which can offer significant tax benefits. Buyers of homes of over $1,500,000 are offered accelerated consideration.


Mortgages in Bahamas

Looking for financing to fund the purchase of property in the Caribbean?

Contrary to popular misconception, it is possible for foreign nationals looking to invest in Bahamas real estate to apply for a mortgage.

Our partner – a very well respected international financial organization – offers mortgages for qualifying non-residents buying, building or improving a second home in The Bahamas.

For more information, see our page on: Caribbean mortgages.


Bahamas – Land for Sale

Purchasing a lot of land provides you with a blank canvas and the opportunity to build your dream home in The Bahamas.

Whether you are looking for beachfront land or a centrally located lot, we’re here to help you find the perfect lot of land for sale in The Bahamas.

For larger parcels of land for commercial development, please see commercial real estate listings.


Saving on Your Purchase

You could save money when investing in Bahamas real estate by using a foreign exchange expert to get the best rate for your property purchase. We have partnered with Halo Financial, a specialist in foreign exchange, to help you get the best exchange rates when making one-off or regular international payments for a property purchase in The Bahamas. To see how you could save money, read more: Foreign Exchange.


Getting There

There are regular direct flights to The Bahamas from the USA, Canada, the UK and various other parts of the Caribbean, such as Jamaica.

Most international flights arrive at the airport in Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport.

From North America you can fly direct from cities including Atlanta, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York, Toronto and Orlando to Nassau.

There are also direct flight from the USA to the Abacos, Andros, Eleuthera, Exuma and Grand Bahama.

Alternatively fly to the Bahamas by private plane or arrive by private boat.

Local weather

25° Precipitacion0.01%
Mon 23° | 28°
Tue 24° | 29°
Wed 24° | 29°
Thu 25° | 29°
Fri 25° | 29°
Sat 26° | 30°
Sun 26° | 30°

Local time

8:41AM Monday 27th May 2019 (EDT)
Mon 23° | 28°
Tue 24° | 29°
Wed 24° | 29°
Thu 25° | 29°
Fri 25° | 29°
Sat 26° | 30°
Sun 26° | 30°

Fast facts

  • Population 377,374
  • Capital Nassau
  • Language English
  • Currency Bahamian Dollar
  • Time zone GMT-4 | ET