Thinking about retiring in Curacao? Find out about how to retire on this idyllic Caribbean island in our guide.

Escape to Paradise: The Complete Guide to Retiring in Curacao

Imagine morning swims in the turquoise sea, afternoons resting by the pool or on the beach and evenings spent in a laid back destination with the warm breeze on your face. This could be your life when you retire in Curacao.

With its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, Curacao is the perfect location to enjoy a retirement in the sunshine. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to make your tropical retirement dreams come true on this alluring southern Caribbean island, from the tax advantages of the retiree’s regulations in place on the island to how you can find suitable real estate in Curacao.

Don’t just dream of sunshine-filled days. With this guide, you can confidently set out on an unforgettable retirement adventure in Curacao. The island life you’ve been dreaming of is waiting for you!

Discover how to retire in Curacao

Discover how to retire in Curacao


Can I Retire in Curacao?
Benefits – Why Retire in Curacao?
How Much Does it Cost to Retire in Curacao?
Tax Incentives
Buying Real Estate for Your Retirement & Applying for Residency
Where are the Best Places to Retire in Curacao?
Find Out More About Retiring in Curacao

Can I Retire in Curacao?

To retire in Curacao, foreign nationals require a residence permit and must be able to demonstrate financial self-sufficiency. The island offers tax incentives to retirees who meet certain conditions. To qualify, retirees aged 50+ must purchase property in Curacao with a minimum value of NAF 450,000 within 18 months of registration.

To live out your retirement dreams on the sunny shores of Curacao, foreign nationals must obtain a residence permit and be able to prove financial self-sufficiency. The island offers tax incentives to retirees who meet certain conditions. To qualify for these retirement perks you must be aged 50 or older and purchase property in Curacao valued at a minimum NAF 450,000. Invest in your own slice of Caribbean paradise, whether it’s a luxurious villa or a charming condo, and you’ll be well on your way to an idyllic island retirement.

Benefits – Why Retire in Curacao?

With swaying palm trees, stunning beaches, and welcoming people, Curacao is the perfect retirement destination. But it offers so much more than just sun, sand, and sea.

On this charming island, you can immerse yourself in a rich blend of history and culture or fill your days with adventure.

Wander the colorful Dutch colonial buildings of the historic area of the capital Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Enjoy world-class scuba diving and snorkeling, fantastic golf, shopping, great dining, and more. Life in Curacao can be as vibrant and varied as you like.

The attractive tax incentives for retirees are the icing on the cake.

With its postcard-perfect setting, Curacao makes it easy to enjoy island life to the fullest. If you’re seeking an unforgettable retirement filled with warm sunshine, adventure, and lasting memories, this Caribbean gem checks all the boxes.

How Much Does it Cost to Retire in Curacao?

While the standard of living in Curacao tends to be high, the cost of living is relatively low compared to other islands in the Caribbean and the quality of life is high.

Tax Incentives

Curacao has tax incentives in place which are designed to encourage affluent retirees to become resident on the island.

The incentives are available to individuals who earn pension income or who live from capital returns and take up residence in Curacao. There is no requirement as to nationality and no stipulation of a minimum period of residency.

Under the Landsverordening Inkomstenbelasting (National Income Tax Ordinance) (Articles 23B/C/D/E), Dutch citizens and foreign nationals who qualify for “penshonado”/”rentier” (pensioner) status can enjoy tax benefits including a flat tax rate of 10% on their income from foreign sources (such as pensions, dividends and interest) and freedom from capital gains tax.


To be eligible for the tax benefits applicants:

  • must have lived abroad for a period of at least 60 consecutive months (5 years) prior to applying for the penshonado facility,
  • must obtain an indefinite Curaçao residence permit (typically this is automatica for Dutch nationals),
  • must register with the public register of birth, death and marriages and must have reached the age of 50 by the time of registration,
  • must apply for the penshonado facility within 2 months of registration in the public register,
  • must own a residence or a protected monument in Curacao with a value of at least ANG 450,000,
  • the indivividual is entitled to a foreign pension or other income from sources abroad, including income from work performed abroad.

How to Apply

We would recommend all applicants engage a qualified professional to assist with the application for penshonado status.

Applications must be submitted by a legal or authorized representative, together with documents including a copy of:

  • a valid passport,
  • birth certificate,
  • certificate of good conduct,
  • marriage certificate (if applicable), and
  • financial statement demonstrating sufficient financial resources provided by an accountant and bank.

Buying Real Estate for Your Retirement & Applying for Residency

The Government of Curacao welcomes foreign investment and there are no restrictions on foreign buyers buying property on the island.

In fact, foreign buyers enjoy the same rights as citizens, whether purchasing freehold property land or lease land which is owned by the government (and is a very common form of property ownership in Curacao).

A wide selection of property is available on the island from condos in beachfront resorts to luxurious waterfront villas.

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For more detail on applying for residency and the purchase process, please see our guide to buying property in Curacao.

Where are the Best Places to Retire in Curacao?

Where are the best places to retire in Curacao? Well, that very much depends on your personal preferences.

Do you dream of oceanfront living? For beachside condos with resort amenities, there are plenty of options so you can spend days lounging by the pool or strolling on the beach.

Prefer the luxury of seclusion? Prestigious neighborhoods such as Coral Estate and Jan Sofat offer private villas with views that will take your breath away so you can relax in style.

Want urban energy? In vibrant Willemstad, you’ll be steps from all kinds of restaurants, attractions and entertainment.

Whether you prefer a central location in the capital or a serene escape by the beach, Curacao offers options to suit your ideal lifestyle.

Find out More About Retiring in Curacao

Ready to turn your Curacao retirement plans into reality? We’re here to help you realize your dream of retiring in Curacao.

Browse Curacao real estate tailored to your lifestyle on our website or contact 7th Heaven Properties, the Luxury Caribbean Property Specialist, to begin your property search and to discuss your options in more detail.

A warm welcome and exciting new adventures are waiting for you on Curacao’s sunny shores.