Find out about Anguilla Residency by Investment in our guide – How to invest and enjoy residency in Anguilla.

Anguilla Residency by Investment – The Ultimate Guide

Are you considering applying for residency by investment in Anguilla? We put together this guide for individuals searching for a tax efficient destination in the idyllic islands of the Caribbean offering investors the opportunity to apply for permanent residency. This guide is intended to cover all aspects of the Anguilla Residency by Investment Program from why to apply through to the minimum.

Residency by Investment in Anguilla - The Guide from 7th Heaven Properties

Residency by Investment in Anguilla – The Guide from 7th Heaven Properties


Permanent Residency – Requirements
Tax Residency – Requirements
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In June 2019 the Government of Anguilla launched two programs designed to stimulate investment from high net worth individuals from overseas. These programs allow qualifying applicants investing in the beautiful Caribbean island (either via a financial contribution to a government fund or an investment in Anguilla real estate) to become permanent residents and enjoy all the benefits of residency such as freedom from direct taxation.


The Anguilla Residency by Investment Program offers many benefits.

Year-Round, Unrestricted Permanent Residency

If successful, you and your close family members will enjoy the immediate right to permanent residency in Anguilla year-round without being subject to immigration control.

High Quality of Life

Surrounded by crystal clear Caribbean sea, the small island of Anguilla – a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean – is perhaps best known for its breathtaking beaches which are, without a doubt, some of the best beaches in the world.

This idyllic island also offers a peaceful and relaxed pace of life, high standard of living with very low level of crime, high quality real estate, political stability, a warm climate and great selection of dining and entertainment options from water sports to a Greg Norman-designed 18-hole championship golf course.

No Direct Taxation

Best of all, Anguilla offers a highly attractive tax regime. A well-regulated offshore jurisdiction, the island is a zero-tax jurisdiction with no forms of direct taxation: no income tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax and no corporation tax…

Annual property tax is comparatively low.

Successful applicants may choose to take up the benefits of full-time or part-time residency in Anguilla or live overseas but become resident in Anguilla for tax planning purposes.

Pathway to Becoming a British Overseas Territories Citizen

Becoming a permanent resident of Anguilla also offers a pathway to becoming a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) and eventually a Citizen of the UK, although this is a much lengthier process.

To become a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) via naturalization requires an applicant to have been lawfully resident in Anguilla for five years prior to the date of application. To the become a Citizen of the UK requires a similar time requirement.

Permanent Residency Requirements

To qualify for Anguilla’s Residency by Investment Program an applicant must make a legally binding commitment to invest in Anguilla either via a financial contribution to a government fund or via an investment in real estate (subject to the approval of the application for residency).

Residency via Contribution to the Capital Development Fund (CDF)

To qualify for the program via the financial contribution route, an applicant must make a one-time financial contribution to the Anguilla Government’s Capital Development Fund (CDF) which was established to help expand, develop and diversify the island’s economy.

Required contribution:

  • Single applicant: US $150,000
  • Each spouse and dependent: US $50,000
  • In addition, applicants must cover the cost of application processing and due diligence fees.

Residency via Real Estate Investment

To qualify for the program via the real estate investment route, an applicant must invest in purchasing or constructing property in Anguilla.

  • Minimum level of investment for a family of 4: US $750,000
  • Each additional dependant: Additional investment of US $100,000
  • The property cannot be sold within five years of the date of purchase
  • In addition, applicants must cover the cost of application processing and due diligence fees.

Investors will discover spectacular homes for sale in Anguilla just a stone’s throw from postcard-perfect beaches as well as contemporary condos for sale in Anguilla perfect for stress-free living in this carefree corner of the Caribbean. Alternatively would you prefer to build a custom home? You can also find land for sale in Anguilla ideal for building your dream home.

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Application Processing & Due Diligence Fees

Application processing fees:

  • US $3,000 for a family of up to 4 persons
  • US $500 per additional applicant

Due diligence fees:

  • US $7,500 per person aged over 18
  • US $2,500 per dependent child aged 12 to 18

Tax Residency Requirements

To qualify for Tax Residency via Anguilla’s High Value Resident Program, an applicant must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Pay US $75,000 per year in annual worldwide income tax to Anguilla’s Treasury
  • Own and maintain property in Anguilla with a minimum value of US $400,000
  • Spend at least 45 days per year in Anguilla
  • Establish genuine links in Anguilla, such as bank accounts, memberships and so on
  • Declare that no more than 183 days per year has been spent in any other country
  • Demonstrate the ability to readily transfer the first five years of tax payments
  • Pay the program’s application and due diligence fees

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