Medical Institute at Christophe Harbour to establish St Kitts as a health and wellness destination.

The island of St Kitts will soon be the setting for a brand new state-of-the-art medical center.

Waters Anchor Medical Institute at Christophe Harbour

Caribbean Healthcare Partners – a private healthcare development company with offices in the USA and Caribbean – has announced plans to begin building the Waters Anchor Medical Institute at the Christophe Harbour residential community.

According to the company, the facility will offer a range of services delivered to international standards by American and European physicians specialized in the fields of spine, hip and knee, sports medicine, regenerative therapies, aesthetics, and health and wellness.

Construction is scheduled to begin this year and is expected to continue for 18 to 24 months.

Waters Anchor Medical Institute, Christophe Harbour, St Kitts

Waters Anchor Medical Institute, Christophe Harbour, St Kitts

76,000 Square Foot Facility

The 76,000 square foot facility will feature a full imaging center, 4 operating rooms, 8 overnight luxury recovery suites facing Christophe Harbour’s superyacht harbor, 4,000 square foot wellness and integrative health clinic, 4,000 square foot physical rehabilitation and sports performance space, and a nutritional and integrative health program.

“What will set Waters Anchor Medical Institute apart will be the patient care model delivered by CHP – an individualized, seamless, concierge experience led by world class clinicians with access to the best technologies and therapies available anywhere. Many patients will choose Waters Anchor for this reason, and the experience will be enhanced by the natural beauty and logistical accessibility of St Kitts and Christophe Harbour making this a health and wellness destination unlike anywhere else,” Greg Downey, co-founder of Caribbean Healthcare Partners commented.

Stimulating Health & Wellness Tourism

The facility is expected to establish St Kitts & Nevis as one of the region’s top health and wellness destinations.

Boosting the St Kitts & Nevis Real Estate Market

The project should also have benefits for the property market. The availability of good quality healthcare in the Caribbean is one of the key concerns of second home buyers looking at investing in real estate in the Caribbean. The development of this facility at Christophe Harbour is expected to raise the profile of the island and enhance the appeal of St Kitts & Nevis real estate to international property investors, in particular real estate at Christophe Harbour.