With surging tourism driving interest in real estate, homes in this chic resort in Belize are nearly sold out.

Once a sleepy peninsula with a clutch of fishing villages, Placencia in Belize is now the setting for one of the most hotly anticipated resorts in the world.

Homes for sale in Belize's hottest resort on the Placencia Peninsula

Homes for sale in Belize’s hottest resort on the Placencia Peninsula

Belize’s Hottest Resort

Featuring a glamorous great house, organic farm-to-table restaurant, rum room, indulgent spa and its very own private island, the resort perfectly pairs an enviable beachfront location with uncompromising style.

As a result, the very limited collection of chic homes for sale within the resort have been almost entirely snapped up by eager investors keen to be part of this soon-to-be iconic resort.

As can be seen in the below plan, the 1 bedroom beach villas are already entirely sold out and there are only a few remaining units of other kinds, such as these 3 bedroom homes – the red dots indicate the units have been sold.

Master plan of this resort in Placencia, Belize indicating final remaining units - red dots indicate "sold"

Master plan of this resort in Placencia, Belize indicating final remaining units – red dots indicate “sold”

Tourism Surge Driving Interest in Belize Real Estate

Rocketing popularity as a tourism destination has been the catalyst for a surge in interest in this resort and luxury real estate in Belize in general.

This year, following a record year for Belize tourism in 2016, visitor arrivals have been booming leading to the recognition as the sector as a “bright spot” by the IMF.

According to the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), tourist arrivals have increased 8.6% during the first 9 months of this year.

The Central American country has seen a rise during each month of this year, compared to the same period of 2016.

Last month, for example, saw a rise of 7.9% in overnight arrivals which corresponds to an increase of over 1,400 visitors and, with new flight services set to connect Belize with the Canadian cities of Calgary with WestJet this November and Toronto with Air Canada this December, Belize tourism is well positioned to maintain its growth trajectory.

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