How your Caribbean holiday home could generate extra income with website Airbnb.

If you own a second home in the Caribbean and you’re wondering how you can make some extra money from it, Airbnb may be your answer.

Airbnb – An Opportunity to Generate Income from Your Caribbean Real Estate Investment

Airbnb is an accommodation booking website which has made it easy for travelers to find accommodation from hotel rooms to vacation villas and apartment rentals.

The website has also made it easy for home owners to make extra money from their property.

As an increasingly important player in the travel market, Airbnb’s growth in popularity offers opportunities for villa and apartment owners to generate income from their Caribbean real estate investment by listing it on the site and renting it out (either on a short term or long term basis).

Airbnb's website and mobile app - making it easy for travelers to book accommodation and for home owners to make extra money

Airbnb’s website and mobile app – making it easy for travelers to book accommodation and for home owners to make extra money

Airbnb – Active in 24 Caribbean Destinations

Airbnb already has over 3,000,000 lodging listings in 65,000 cities and 191 countries around the world, including many islands in the Caribbean region.

Travelers can book accommodation via the home sharing website in 24 Caribbean destinations.

Four destinations, including the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Maarten and the US Virgin Islands, already have over 1,000 listings and several other destinations are also strongly represented on the portal, such as Aruba, The Bahamas, the BVI and Puerto Rico.

Anguilla Recently Signed an MOU with Airbnb

Anguilla was the latest island to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the company this month, with the aim of helping to promote Anguilla as a vacation destination offering a unique mix of world class beaches, crystal clear waters, high quality resorts and restaurants and rich cultural heritage.

According to Anguilla’s chief minister and minister of tourism, Victor Banks: “Airbnb represents a new trend in the delivery of tourism experiences to a wide range of international and regional travellers and creates a platform to promote Anguilla as a destination of choice for varied and new types of travel experiences.”

According to reports, Airbnb already plays a significant role in Anguilla’s economy. There are over 300 property listings from across Anguilla on the website and a typical host reportedly earns US $4,400 per year.

Other Options for Making Extra Money from Your Caribbean Holiday Home

Airbnb is certainly not the only company to be helping holiday home owners to earn income from their investment in Caribbean real estate.

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