7 reasons to relocate to Costa Rica, one of the world’s most alluring and eco-friendly real estate hot spots.

As overseas visitors flock to Costa Rica, the Costa Rica tourism sector is flourishing. According to Helio Fallas, First Vice President of Costa Rica, tourism is now the Central American country’s most dynamic sector.

Data released by the Central Bank demonstrates that inbound tourism to Costa Rica increased by 12.3% in the first semester of 2016 compared to the same period of 2015. During the same period, foreign exchange generated by the sector grew by 15.9%.

New Flights to Costa Rica

In part this is due to the launch of new flights to Costa Rica increasing airlift to the country. “Between January and September 2016 the amount of seats (on flight to Juan Santamaría Airport) increased by 236,884, which translates into a growth of 11.5% in relation with the same period in 2015”, Fallas said.

Waterfall in Costa Rica

Waterfall in Costa Rica

A Boost to the Real Estate Sector

The growth in tourism has a halo effect which also benefits the Costa Rica real estate sector. As increasing numbers of tourists visit Costa Rica, more and more potential buyers are exposed to the investment opportunities available in the country.

Why Costa Rica?

So, why Costa Rica you may ask…? Well, we know why we love Costa Rica but how about others? According to Laura Alvarado’s article “7 Reasons to Move to Costa Rica“, which was recently published in the Costa Rica Star, these are the top reasons to extend your Costa Rica vacation permanently and relocate:

  1. Miles and miles of beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic / Caribbean coasts.
  2. A small country brimming with protected natural reserves and conservation areas which are home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity.
  3. A safe and inclusive society which has chosen to invest in health and education rather than the military.
  4. Friendly, hospitable and welcoming country which lives the “Pura Vida” (Pure Life).
  5. Availability of all the products and services you are used to in North America, but, in many cases, at a lower price (e.g. medical and dental services).
  6. Longest life expectancy in Central America; second longest in Latin America and third longest in the entire Americas (after Canada and Chile).
  7. A wide selection of highly appealing investment opportunities, with government agencies such as the Costa Rica Investment and Development Board (CINDE), the Costa Rican Exports Chamber (CADEXO) and the Foreign Trade Promotion Institute (PROCOMER) on hand to facilitate investment.

No wonder the UK’s Daily Mail recently listed Costa Rica as one of the world’s most eco-friendly hot spots.

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