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22.5 Hectare (55 Acre) Farm for Sale, Tinamaste, Dominical, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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22.5 hectare (55 acre) farm for sale in Costa Rica located in the Diamante Valley – the ultimate eco-retreat, farm or hideaway home.

Organic Farm for Sale in Costa Rica

This is a unique opportunity to own an incredible 22.5 hectare (55 acre) organic farm located in the lush Diamante Valley near Tinamaste, Puntarenas.

Boasting lush jungle and primary forest, 3 springs, a river and 2 creeks, this is a very special piece of paradise unmatched in its natural beauty and diversity.

The property is surrounded by rushing rivers, lush forest and overlooks Costa Rica’s tallest waterfall – a truly exceptional setting.

An Incredible Variety of Fruit & Hardwood Trees

The current owner’s vision for this property was inspired by her love of this sacred land, personal sovereignty and sustainability, and a respect for nature’s amazing abundance, as evidenced by the impressive list of food and medicine currently growing on the property.

The farm contains hundreds of thriving fruit and hardwood trees of various species including Coconut, Pejibaye, Guaba, Jackfruit, Champejack, Breadfruit, Tarap, Breadnut, Cacao, Pataxte, Cupuazu, Biriba, Guanabana, Durian, Fiji Longan, Langsat, Guineau Chestnut, Dabai, Pili Nut, Avocado, Zapote ( Mamey, Chocolate, Columbian, Son) Pulasan, 20 varieties of Plantains and Bananas, Abiut, Manzana de Agua, Orange, Acid Mandarin, Limón Dulce and Acido, Mamon Chino, Mango, Orange Mangosteen, Papaya, Snakefruit, Carao, Star Apple, Peanut Butter Cherry, Suriname Cherry (Pitanga), Nispero, Pineapple and Passion Fruit.

Ponds, Greenhouses & Other Structures

Also included in this property are 2 fully stocked Tilapia ponds and 2 greenhouses (both supplied with gravity fed spring water), a full bathroom with shower, and a commercial food processing building with an industrial grade food dehydrator and climate controlled storage.

Other Crops & Produce

Of the 22.5 hectares, there are 2 plantels (potential home lots) / 2 interior roads / 6 hectares are permaculture food forests / trees for building materials (bamboo, timber, etc) / staple food crops including Rice, Beans (several varieties), Corn, Pigeon pea, Peanut, Sacha Inchi, Papa Chiricana, African Yam, Malanga, Yacon, Tiquisque, Aracache, Sweet Potato, Nampi, Turmeric, Ginger, Galangal, Stevia, Lemongrass, Juanilama, Mucuna, Guapinol, Dragons blood, Pau d’arco, Mustard Greens, Pac Choi, Tat Soi, Lettuces, Arugala, Kale, Okra, Carrots, Broccoli, Radish, Cucumber, Squash, Bacon, Tomato, Pepper, Spinach, Onions, Garlic Vine, Juanilama, Moringa, Coffee, Vanilla, Black Pepper, Bele, Katuk, Chaya, Sugar Cane, Itabo, Soapberry, Ylang Ylang / and natural beehives (not framed hives) including 5 Mariola hives (stingless bees highly prized for their medicinal honey), and 2 stingless Congo hives that produce eating honey.

The Ultimate Eco-Retreat, Farm or Hideaway Home

This incredible paradise is a dream come true for anyone seeking a sustainable, organic permaculture farm, or to develop a sprawling retreat center, or even a very private hidden jungle hideaway that provides an ultimate, authentic, natural experience.

Punta Islita Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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